Plus [adjective]

Definition of Plus:

added, extra

Synonyms of Plus:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plus:

Sentence/Example of Plus:

I have told you what you must do to add the plus, and you can do it if you are the boy I take you for.

Half an hour plus a whole hour makes an hour and a half, does it not?

Spiritual love is physical love, plus all the other phases of love.

It is the plus or initiative in a man's make-up that helps him to the front.

In ten days he was found, plus forty pounds, which the lady had given him.

It is also called a "minus" glass, while the magnifying glass is called a "plus" glass.

“All are useful” (plus if  subject can give a use which all have in common).

“All are your good friends” (plus if subject can explain how).

“All are useful” (plus only if subject can give a use which they have in common).

But he had will plus, and his desire was to sound the possibilities of the violin.