Poach [verb]

Definition of Poach:

infringe upon; trespass

Synonyms of Poach:

Opposite/Antonyms of Poach:

Sentence/Example of Poach:

Poach them gently in a greased frying-pan, or saut pan, for ten minutes.

Poach the eggs nicely, and fry or toast the bread (fried bread is best).

To poach on his own property appealed to his sense of humour.

Have some rich stock boiling in a stewpan; poach the ravioli five minutes.

The lion, who permits nobody else to poach on his preserves, is our symbol.

Form into small balls and poach them in any meat soup for 15 minutes.

That is to suppose that he did not go out with the gun to poach, but upon some other expedition.

A pretty pass of impudence to be coming that distance to poach.'

Begin a' the bread 'n' butter whiles I poach 'e a couple of eggs.

Poach eight eggs, place them on top of your asparagus, and serve.