Pocks [noun]

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Better the mother wi' the pock, than the faither wi' the sack.

He that puts the cat in the pock kens best how to tak her out.

Ye're like the miller's dog—ye lick your lips ere the pock be opened.

I have an old crow to pluck with him, and a pock to put the feathers in.'

And has there been a rising on the Border side against the English pock puddings?

The pock is usually mature by the sixth day of the eruption.

At length she began to open her eyes, her lowness of spirits left her, the pock dried up, and her appetite returned.

That her sister Magdalena was a small person, with a face likewise ugly and pock marked; other characteristics forgotten.

I'll tie up yer jaw wid me pock'-handkercher, so as ye can't open ut at all.

Pock, pok, n. a small elevation of the skin containing matter, as in smallpox.