Podgy [adjective]

Definition of Podgy:

slightly fat

Synonyms of Podgy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Podgy:





Sentence/Example of Podgy:

Shakespeare was probably of middle height, or below it, and podgy.

Carmela was podgy, but she might lace or not just as she pleased.

He was a short man in the late thirties, red-headed and inclined to be podgy.

He is a stumpy, short, podgy man; but then so also was my Arab friend at Suez.

I am not sure but he is the most good-natured, though he is so podgy.

She had disgusting hands, fat and podgy and covered with rings.

On the podgy form of Lackaday's predecessor it produced its comic effect.

He went over to the Hermes and lifted it, holding it for a moment in his podgy hands.

Mr. Saunderson brought the tips of his red, podgy fingers together with great exactness.

When opposite old Colonel Sponge, a podgy figure standing at attention, the general's face set in still more grim and stern lines.