Pods [noun, verb]

Definition of Pods:

encasement of vegetable seeds

Synonyms of Pods:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pods:


Sentence/Example of Pods:

She is her father's own child and she is like him as two pase in the pod.

Over five thousand betting, and the guesses as close as peas in a pod.

The pod is elliptical, and the cotton which bursts from it at maturity is snow-white.

Rub the warts with the inside of a bean pod, and then throw the pod away.

"Yellow cotton" was cotton which for any reason had been stained in the pod.

The 'pod' or school was nearest to us, and we could see them quite plainly from the deck.

When in fruit it carries a pod two feet in length, full of winged seeds.

The pericarp or pod contains about twenty-four prismatic-shaped nuts.

On the fifth day he stretched out his feet and that bursted the pod.

Then, when the barque was off the Tonga Islands, a large "pod" of whales were sighted.