Poesy [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Poesy:

At least I can do none of these things, and poesy wearies me to read, much more to write.

How difficult then to ascertain the truth respecting our poesy and music!

And he is wise too; for he is a poet, and the author of poesy in others.

Neither of the partners in poesy had the least idea of anything more than being just that.

The daisy (Saxon Daeges ege) has often been cited as fragrant with poesy.

Has he ever drunk deep draughts from old fountains of poesy?

The flowers of poesy are sweet, but poverty is a barren soil, my child.

Such completeness of view, however, is alien to the poesy of Hawaii.

Never did rebuke so fill us with shame at our want of imagination and of poesy.

What sweetness hath Muscovada to him who hath tasted of Poesy?