Poetic [adjective]

Definition of Poetic:

with rhythm and beauty; related to poetic composition

Synonyms of Poetic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Poetic:

Sentence/Example of Poetic:

Hester was greatly struck with the poetic tone of the remark.

"Poetic simile: I'm going fast," conceded Kirkwood; but he did not smile.

I might, perhaps, have some poetic flights, If I could sleep o' nights!

It was while the poetic gentleman was passing by Taffy's house.

As specimens of his poetic contributions, we give the following.

I had ceased my poetic visioning and was looking into Marguerite's face.

I inclose you some poetic bagatelles of my late composition.

His enumeration of a comparison with other lakes is at once harmonious and poetic.

These energies remain, nevertheless, distinct from the poetic energy.

They did not outlive their own poetic sense of the wonder and mystery of the world.