Poetical [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Poetical:

His justice is all poetical justice, exactly what justice should be.

When I say for ever, I mean (though I am not poetical) through all our time.'

But this, like many other literary associations, is a piece of poetical injustice.

Your experience of the everyday language of the common people may be that it is not poetical.

That glow of enthusiasm for labor was chiefly moral, but it was poetical as well.

This is not any sort of poetical statement; it is a statement of fact.

My sweet friend, not quite so poetical, and a little more particular.

In Columbus were singularly combined the practical and the poetical.

All of them are rhetorical and poetical rather than dialectical, but glimpses of truth appear in them.

There is less of poetical and simple beauty, and more of dramatic interest and power.