Pogrom [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pogrom:

Once more the days of expecting a pogrom in Uliassutai returned to us.

Often we heard that the pogrom was led by a priest carrying a cross before the mob.

A massacre (pogrom) of the Jews was perpetrated here in 1903.

The Whites put up a provocateur as before a pogrom in Russia.

The doctor gives us a picture of a pogrom in a tiny Russian province town.

They were exploiting a local "putsch" so as to carry out a general "pogrom."

There may be trouble there; we have word that a pogrom is planned; and we may be in time to save some.

Let us make sixty the minimum—or let there be a pogrom among the authors!

Thirteen Jews were elected and every constituency which had been the scene of a pogrom returned a liberal member.

This pogrom was carried on by the guerrilla bands led by "atamans" Makhno and Grigoriev, together with regular Bolshevist troops.