Poignancy [noun]

Definition of Poignancy:


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Sentence/Example of Poignancy:

For twenty-four hours Mr. Caryll's grief was overwhelming in its poignancy.

To be “run ashore” has the littleness, poignancy, and bitterness of human error.

It was my first delinquency, and had all the poignancy of a first fault.

These words from her had a poignancy of meaning which made his reply difficult.

But indistinct as things were, the poignancy of it went through him, and he groaned.

The momentary pain she felt in her heart had the poignancy of an actual stab.

He was shocked; he was filled with a regret that was personal in its poignancy.

He sat up straight, arrested by the poignancy of that echo from the past.

There was a fineness about her, a poignancy about the way she sat and held her head lifted.

Nevertheless, as she sat in church her face had a pathos and poignancy.