Pointedly [adverb]

Definition of Pointedly:

expressly, particularly

Synonyms of Pointedly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pointedly:

Sentence/Example of Pointedly:

"I'd chance money you wasn't thinking of me," he said, pointedly.

It did not answer the Whence, Whither, and Why; it pointedly changed the subject.

"Your husband speaks to you, Jack Tier," said Rose, pointedly.

Why, she wondered, did he so pointedly exclude her from this case?

We pointedly, and by name, introduce the parties to each other.

Presently he retired, pointedly unnoticed—into the forest maybe?

“You are a long way from Theos, Count,” he remarked, pointedly.

"So much the wiser she, Master Dutton," returned the admiral, pointedly.

"Your record speaks for itself, Senator," I put in, politely but pointedly.

"Now it is your turn, Jessica and Reddy," said Nora pointedly.