Pointedness [noun]

Definition of Pointedness:

shortness, briefness

Synonyms of Pointedness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pointedness:

Sentence/Example of Pointedness:

"No, but I have," she answered, with a pointedness that could not be escaped.

For with his going, interest had flagged and the tableau lost its pointedness.

The question was unpleasant in its directness, and, while put with perfect respect, its pointedness seemed cutting.

One continually finds somewhere an original idea—sometimes even a bon mot, which startles one by its pointedness.

And with this speech, delivered with a pointedness there was no mistaking, the doctor left the room.

The flow of boudoir Billingsgate in Lady Wishfort is unmatched for the vigour and pointedness of the tongue.

Appell, however, interprets the condition correctly and assigns the cause with accuracy and pointedness.

The pointedness of the following religious sonnet is very striking and sublime.