Pointer [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pointer:

In this case the indication of the pointer must be divided by ten.

With the pointer in his hand he touched the star at the apex of the fir.

In each figure the pointer is over one of the red lines on the scale.

Cowper ran in and out among the plunder, like a pointer in a turnip field.

The angle of the pointer, or style, must be changed for each latitude.

I tipped the pater a pointer on that long ago, and got well cursed for my pains.

Luke was dabbing the pointer carefully at the bald top of Weaver's head.

You make the hat spin on a walking-stick; when it stops spinning you follow the pointer.

The professor then took his place again on the rostrum, with the pointer in his hand.

When the applause which greeted the general had subsided, he directed the pointer at the map.