Pointing [adjective]

Definition of Pointing:


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Sentence/Example of Pointing:

"You can sleep there," he said, pointing to a cot bed in the corner of the room.

"Look at that dog-fish," said Vavasor, pointing to the largest in the tank.

"There," said I, spreading the speller flat on the table and pointing with my finger.

Suddenly, the mouth of a pistol was pointing straight at the lieutenant's head.

They stood for a while talking together, Levi pointing now and then toward the mill.

"That's the 'Orns," he said, pointing to a large public-house.

He leant across the table and, pointing to the paper, said, "Are you using that?"

While speaking she turned towards her home, pointing with raised hand.

"This won't do at all," he said, pointing to the title-page of the play.

"The door is still unlocked," said Margaret, pointing towards it.