Poised [verb]

Definition of Poised:

balance, suspend

Synonyms of Poised:

Opposite/Antonyms of Poised:

Sentence/Example of Poised:

For a long time Linda sat with poised pencil, studying her foreground.

They stood before him palpitating like birds, poised, tense for flight.

He lifted it, poised it, made as though to throw it, to thrust with it.

His body was poised for the attack, as a bow is bent to drive forth the arrow.

In his hand a revolver appeared, poised for immediate use if there were need.

She poised for a moment, then sprang for the dancing rabbit.

Chris was now keenly alert, poised, ready for any chance that might come.

Cool, poised, efficient, with an air of authority that commanded respect.

He swung me to his shoulder, and held me poised there, looking up at me.

She poised an instant, then knifed down the slippery runway.