Poking [verb]

Definition of Poking:

push at; thrust

Synonyms of Poking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Poking:

Sentence/Example of Poking:

Sidney considered, poking a slim finger into the little holes in the box.

"The dead are restless tonight," said Simba, poking the fire.

What if Neill Sheridan, poking about alone with a candle, could see through that veil?

Great humble-bees haunted the walls, and were poking about in them constantly.

Alexander moved about restlessly and fell to poking the fire.

A fellow can't be poking in the dark in a speech or anywhere else.

The food before him he tormented, poking at it with a fork, but not eating it.

It bores me dreadfully to have you and Mollie poking in there when we might be talking.

"Get next," nudged Dave Darrin, poking Hazelton in the side.

Then he may have been poking around our quarters while we have been gone.