Poky [adjective]

Definition of Poky:


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Sentence/Example of Poky:

I wouldn't have you go prowling about this poky old place for anything.

But I'm due in a poky little place in Massachusetts called Enderby.

The children are behaving as well as can be, and Sykes too; and it's not a poky house, by any means.

We never have parties in Tideshead, except at the vestry in the winter; and they're so poky.

But you just swallow it all, and then you get to be so poky a body has no comfort in life.

So it did not seem at all a poky or stuffy house though it was so small.

“I can't help it, mamma; Battles is slow and poky,” he fumed.

One hundred and thirty pounds a year for this poky little hole?

The miserable weeks went on, in the poky house crammed with children.

He had not been solemn and poky, as she had prophesied, and the fact nettled her.