Polenta [noun]

Definition of Polenta:

warm cereal

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Sentence/Example of Polenta:

The only mention of the Polenta family, apart from that of Francesca, is at Inf.

Might it not just as well be rice, or polenta, or even beef and bacon?

An old woman and her son were cooking their polenta, but no herds were in sight.

Not so in London; nor were there grapes or polenta even if she desired nothing else.

The other part is bad Italian—pampered Italian, fed for generations on oil and polenta.

Letter 110: "We have polenta, we have water; let us challenge Jupiter himself to a comparison of bliss!"

The polenta is a very popular dish in Northern Italy and can be prepared in various ways.

The polenta is practically cornmeal and it is made with the so-called farina gialla or yellow flour.

While the polenta boils, place on the fire in a little saucepan a tablespoonful of olive oil or a small piece of butter.

The metal no longer flowed along, but began to drop in flakes like polenta, then became coagulated, and then stopped still.