Polestar [noun]

Definition of Polestar:

central location of organization

Synonyms of Polestar:

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Sentence/Example of Polestar:

Was the polestar ever obscured by the interposition of a world in formation?

With this last link in a strange chain of evidence I close my diary of the voyage of the Polestar.

At night fix the dial so that the twelve o'clock line points exactly to north, as determined by the Polestar.

The polestar, which you tell me may be my guide, is often for a long time concealed by impenetrable clouds.

So that could well be the "Polestar" standing needle slim behind them—and not the notorious "Solar Queen."

It was not the polestar he lost sight of, or the compass he mistrusted; it was the sea-worthiness of the vessel.

It is the polestar of their system, and everything else has been subject to its influence.