Policemen [noun]

Definition of Policemen:

law enforcement officer

Synonyms of Policemen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Policemen:


Sentence/Example of Policemen:

It was impossible to say what she knew, how deep she was involved with policemen and Embassies.

"I'd hang them two policemen, if I did what I should like to do," responded Judith.

As he thrust his way into the bush he glanced back at the two policemen.

What were policemen doing in this country of range and sheriffs?

It was a humiliating surprise for the two policemen: they felt fooled.

The situation was dangerous, and well the policemen knew it!

Two Scottish policemen were stationed at the bottom of the gangway.

Do they have to have policemen come to take you to the hospital?

Until the procession arrived the policemen were really obliging in that way.

They were confronted by four other policemen, on guard inside the gate.