Policy [noun]

Definition of Policy:

procedure, tactics

Synonyms of Policy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Policy:

Sentence/Example of Policy:

We have a just right to expect that our European policy will be the American policy of European courts.

We have never practiced the policy of competitive armaments.

We have exacted from him what is at variance with the fixed Chinese policy of ages.

It was characterized as "a policy of which peace, progress and retrenchment were the watchwords."

Mr. Gladstone said that the policy of the Government was to "rescue and retire."

The policy of the opposition was coercion, while that of the government was autonomy.

The policy of excluding the coasting trade from the measure he also condemned.

She must not be sacrificed to policy or ambition, and she must not be left to suffer from the dread of it.

We agreed to this also, but were soon convinced their policy was to take us prisoners.

The most marked incident in that policy has been the retention of Chitral.