Politesse [noun]

Definition of Politesse:


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Sentence/Example of Politesse:

Your papa hath told me so with a politesse not often seen on this side Paris.

In the last century the Italians were first in doctrine and politesse.

How different does his Lordship appear to me—to me he is all politesse.

Positively you shall go with me as was agreed, and don't let me have any of your politesse to H. on the occasion.

So then this was a piece of 'politesse,' for which I am indebted to your friend Terry's own devising, said Fred, half angrily.

This largeness of utterance, lack of polish, and a disregard for the politesse of his art do not endear him to the unthinking.

Her politesse was kind and without sarcasm, and, by her own naturalness, she communicated ease.

They seemed in excellent humor, and made more than an ordinary display of French politesse.

So I sent for a hairdresser, who came post haste, and amused me with his politesse, and Edward with his politique.