Politician [noun]

Definition of Politician:

person pursuing or occupying elective office

Opposite/Antonyms of Politician:


Sentence/Example of Politician:

Mr. John Lambert was a millionnaire, a politician, and a widower.

She was, besides being a gamester and a politician—what do you think?

The politician for whom the voter had voted got in by five hundred and fifty-five votes.

The politician solemnly pointed downwards with his forefinger.

His name was Fleming, and he claimed to be a New York politician.

He thought that she intended to address the American politician, but he was mistaken.

No one was more astonished at this change than Fleming, the politician.

Can't she discriminate between the politician and the private friend?

These, however, are the whirligigs of politics, and no politician escapes them.

There is nothing in a politician to be emasculated: no mind, no heart, no manhood.