Politicians [noun]

Definition of Politicians:

person pursuing or occupying elective office

Opposite/Antonyms of Politicians:


Sentence/Example of Politicians:

Yates knew many of the generals in the late war, and all of the politicians.

What's the use of giving the politicians more money to waste?

How do your lawyers live, your politicians, your intriguers, your men of the Exchange?

Mr. Depew says that "all railroad men are politicians, and active ones."

The politicians in Paris saw the young man was not without talents.

All the politicians are a nuisance, a curse, a plague worse than was any in Egypt.

He had very little faith in the sincerity of the politicians.

They intend to show the world and politicians that their views cannot be ignored with impunity.

All the citizens were to be, not merely soldiers, but politicians and administrators.

After the politicians, I went to the poets; tragic, dithyrambic, and all sorts.