Polities [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Polities:

This leads to the enquiry, what is to be the polity of our new state.

But as illustrating the polity of the church it is quite valueless.

So we are giving up our polity, to please and to join other denominations.

And Plato's notable sentence in the third book of the Polity.

It is not a religion only, but a polity; and this in a very peculiar sense.

One polity had been pulled down; and no other polity had been set up.

At such a time, there are no settled principles of polity or of action.

If the faith and life of the church are right, it matters but little about its polity.

As the church develops it will probably develop a polity of its own.

In the organization of the native church, what polity shall be given it?