Pollen [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pollen:

These, as they devour nectar, dust themselves with the pollen near by.

The stigma, if pollen suffice, should be covered with pollen.

But the Editor does not say that this substance "contained" pollen.

Polliniferous: formed for collecting pollen: pollen bearing.

The flowers give honey for the bees; the bees carry the pollen for the flowers.

The withdrawal of the tongue (B) removes the pollen from its pouch.

The pollen was then collected and stored at 4° C. until used.

Pollen and nectar are needed to prepare food for the young bees.

Pollen: the powdery substance borne by the stamen of the flower.

When is the pollen gathered by the bee and kneaded into the pellet-like mass?