Polling [noun]

Definition of Polling:

census; tally of answers to questions of opinion

Synonyms of Polling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Polling:


Sentence/Example of Polling:

Unaware of his funeral, Timmins himself stood scratching his poll.

But somebody must have dealt you some hearty thwacks on the poll, my boy.

The first time I ever see that boy,' said Poll, 'I charged him too much for a red-poll.

When a politician reached the top of the poll he got £400 a year.

"It is as unfair to brand women with chastity as with unchastity," said Poll.

The money was still refused, and it was ordered that a poll of the town should be taken.

But you can't stop Zuba talkin' any more than you can a poll parrot.

And how did the—er—professin' poll parrot act about your payin' it back?

Now, my Aunt Jane's poll parrot, I ask you, why under the sun should she?

Have you been properly introduced to Sally's Aunt Jane's poll parrot?