Pollsters [noun]

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By last month, that percentage had been cut nearly in half, to only 18 percent — the lowest of the seven metrics the pollsters measured.

The Preference Survey mirrors a typical political poll, with Miller as the pollster.

They also assess why many pollsters are sitting out the Georgia Senate runoffs and take some time to answer listener questions.

Other pollsters haven't seen that, though all of them find a majority of Republicans agreeing with the president.

Murray, the founding director of Monmouth University’s Polling Institute, ran into many of the same challenges in the Midwest and Florida that other pollsters did.

Heading into 2020, many pollsters revised their methodologies to account for that error.

We said the election polls would be wrong again, even after pollsters made corrections for errors from 2016.

After he released it, the same pollster found that number had climbed to 67 percent.

Some pollsters looked to tweak their formulas in other ways.

The reason there’s no long-running polling bias is because pollsters try to correct for their mistakes.