Polluting [verb]

Definition of Polluting:

make dirty; corrupt

Synonyms of Polluting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Polluting:

Sentence/Example of Polluting:

Then, recovering himself, he said angrily, "Pollute not my Daniel with thy touch."

Stained and despised by the world, as I am, I will not pollute this sanctuary!

What miserable scruples to torment, blind, and pollute the soul!

And now must you pollute the name of my mother, as you polluted her life?

Factories may not pollute streams that furnish drinking water.

Pollute is used chiefly of liquids; as, water polluted with sewage.

Just simply, to redden and pollute so many miles of the pure Ocean!

Is not this foreign demagogue endeavoring to pollute our ballot-box?

He does not want her to pollute her soul and live a lie for his sake.

They do not pollute their souls with the dogma of eternal pain.