Polychromatic [adjective]

Definition of Polychromatic:


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Sentence/Example of Polychromatic:

The adornment, plastic and polychromatic, is strictly structural.

The pen of Joseph on such occasions was like his predecessor's coat, polychromatic.

Bewitched as by the spinning of a polychromatic top, he could not leave the Island.

The arch spanned the blue sky, and on the dark mountains extended the polychromatic reflection.

Hittorf was full of his rather excessive theories about the polychromatic architecture of the ancients.

There are some red, some green, and some blue, making a polychromatic mosaic on the green fields.

The present polychromatic decorations of the walls are a deplorable modern experiment.

By this means varied tints were obtained which were in harmony with the polychromatic decoration which was so near their hearts.

Our cities faced the sun in those days, towering in polychromatic splendor.

He gave them a slight salience over the façade and a polychromatic decoration.