Polychrome [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Polychrome:

The screen fluttered for a moment with polychrome colors and cleared.

The principle seems to be that of polychrome painting, also applied in sculpture.

"All right," said Button-Bright; but Polychrome didn't know whether it was all right or not.

"So am I," said Polychrome, bending gracefully to pat Toto's head.

The local Gallo-Romans had used the polychrome lava as decoration.

So Woot whistled, and presently Polychrome found him and grasped his hand.

Polychrome began to laugh, and the Scarecrow said: "What's the matter?"

I shall have to experiment on you, Polychrome, and I may fail in all my attempts.

"Neither beast nor bird shall you have," said Polychrome in a positive voice.

"I'm not sure it was a person," said Polychrome, looking more grave than usual.