Polygamy [noun]

Definition of Polygamy:

plural marriage

Synonyms of Polygamy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Polygamy:


Sentence/Example of Polygamy:

Polygamy is practised in these regions in its utmost latitude.

Polygamy, though permitted, was definitely restricted by the code.

At no period of Roman history are there any traces of polygamy or concubinage.

The Hova term for polygamy is rafy, which signifies adversary.

Polygamy is nearly everywhere a privilege of princes, chiefs, and rich men.

Polygymy or polygamy, or the marriage of one male with several females.

The mistresses of the present princes are a relic of polygamy.

Another cause of polygamy is man's natural desire for change.

In one, polygamy is a right and even a divine institution; in another, it is a crime.

By what power do the Mormons perpetuate their system of polygamy?