Polygraph [noun]

Definition of Polygraph:

machine for gauging truth

Synonyms of Polygraph:

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Sentence/Example of Polygraph:

Pentathol, scopolamine and the like; hypnotism and the polygraph.

We don't need a scholar, nor a polygraph, but rather a writer who'll be one of us.

When you took the polygraph, you were present during the polygraph examination of Frazier, were you?

He made some comment along the line that it had never been his policy—before, to take a polygraph.

Did he suggest that he had been asked before to take a polygraph?

The sheets which you receive are those of the copying-pen of the polygraph, not of the one with which I have written.

I believe that when you left America, the invention of the polygraph had not yet reached Boston.

Polygraph, pol′i-graf, n. an instrument for multiplying copies of a writing: a collection of different books.

Well, the polygraph examination showed that Harrison had no knowledge of Ruby being present.

At first when you asked Jack about going on the polygraph machine prior to Tom Howard's being present, what did he say?