Polymorphous [adjective]

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The expression "Cells with polymorphous nuclei" would be more accurate.

The nucleus is not polymorphous, and only occasionally divided.

Polymorphous, pol-i-mor′fus, adj. having many forms: varying in appearance: taking on many changes—also Polymor′phic.

The physical conditions under which polymorphous modifications are prepared control the form which the substance assumes.

The nucleus is not polymorphous, but usually divided into two, though it may be single.

The polymorphonuclear leucocytes have only a few very minute coccal-shaped oxyphile granules, the nucleus is polymorphous.

(a) The centrifugal fibres consist as above described of the fibre processes of the pyramidal and polymorphous cells.

Hence the terms "polymorphous chorea" and "chorea of degenerates" are used synonymously for variable chorea.