Polyphony [noun]

Definition of Polyphony:

musical accordance

Synonyms of Polyphony:

Opposite/Antonyms of Polyphony:

Sentence/Example of Polyphony:

It is the polyphony in the sections of storm and stress that goes wrong.

The polyphony of the vocal parts is masterly and the melodic flow most charming.

His polyphony is clearer, his tone, always big, is more sonorous and individual.

The polyphony was simple and the aim of the composition was popularity.

He was a fine master of polyphony, and as a genuine composer is second only to Byrde.

But soon this discord was lost amid the massive Teutonic polyphony of well-being.

This does not imply that Chopin had any particular genius in counterpoint, but to deny his mastery of polyphony is a grave error.

The art of polyphony is to be understood as an effort toward variety and unity combined.

Polyphony, 215 that is, the simultaneous interweaving of many themes, was foreign to Berlioz and Liszt.

None but a master of polyphony could have attempted to express in music what Richard Strauss has expressed.