Polytheistic [adjective]

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The polytheistic sentiment, I repeat, is the foundation of science and art.

All other religions are polytheistic or pantheistic, or both together.

He argues, too, against the polytheistic notion of a plurality of gods.

This Monotheism does not yet exactly disclaim its Polytheistic origin.

Their religion was polytheistic, but embraced a belief in a future life.

It marked a complete transition from a polytheistic and immoral conception of the universe to a theistic and ethical conception.

It may be indeed doubted if there has ever been a Polytheistic system apart from a Pantheistic element.

I could not even answer the question, if you were to ask it, whether the religion of the Veda was polytheistic or monotheistic.

The religion of the ancient Maya was polytheistic, its pantheon containing about a dozen major deities and a host of lesser ones.

Early Greek mind, satisfied with the belief in polytheistic personal agents as the real producing causes of phenomena.