Pomaded [adjective]

Definition of Pomaded:

slippery, oily

Synonyms of Pomaded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pomaded:


Sentence/Example of Pomaded:

The pomaded princes stood to attention, bowed with deference and with gallantry.

His hat had fallen from his pomaded hair; his waxed moustache bristled.

Valentina Mihailovna put her hand under her little boy's chin and raised his pomaded head.

He was dressed in a Highland costume, his legs bare, and was very much befrizzled and pomaded.

He did not like Kolia's befrizzled and pomaded head, and when his eye fell on Kollomietzev, thought, "What a sleek individual."

Under impulsion of the Arranger of Inanities the pomaded princes next began their inspection of the buildings.

To me, sitting in red shirt and pomaded hair at his feet, it seemed as if he were a magician.