Pompadour [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pompadour:

Miss Georgie laughed ruefully, and patted her pompadour absent-mindedly.

It would be difficult to say which prated most, he or Pompadour.

The word "pompedore" or Pompadour was in constant use in that day.

"Every one has just arrived from somewhere," said Pompadour, laughing.

"Pompadour, you must take back Monsieur d'Harmental," said the duchess.

She was just in front of us, the woman in the pinky-yellow feather and the pompadour.

France, urged by Pompadour and the enthusiasms, was first in the field.

Such the will of Pompadour; Richelieu encouraging, for reasons of his own.

Your judgment of the Pompadour will rest without appeal, I fancy.

Madame has yawned twice, daintily, behind her Pompadour fan.