Pompon [noun]

Definition of Pompon:

tuft of bird; plumage

Synonyms of Pompon:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pompon:


Sentence/Example of Pompon:

Sew a pompon or a rosette of yarn over the top of the sewing stitch.

The Pompon, or Bouquet Dahlia is a favorite variety of this genus.

The pompon kinds are small flowered, the petals being short.

Our left has touched them, and as I write this our pompon on that side has a couple of goes.

She wore a gown of pale saffron trimmed with three bouquets of pompon roses mixed with green.

The Pompon or Bouquet Dahlia makes a pretty, compact plant, about three feet in height.

Bouquet or Pompon dahlias, with much smaller double flowers of various colours.

And heres the great spiny thistle, too, that armed highwayman with florid face and pompon in his cap.

He flourished in one hand his red mask and in the other a pompon which he had extracted from his pocket.

The pig-headed prowler I saw, with my pompon missing from his shoe, and his bonne amie wearing the stolen ring.