Pondering [verb]

Definition of Pondering:

think about seriously

Opposite/Antonyms of Pondering:

Sentence/Example of Pondering:

She had been pondering over this proposal when Martin interrupted her.

He broke a roll and munched it gloomily, pondering this revelation.

But I could see that he was not listening only: he was pondering and reasoning upon what I told him.

He kept his face downwards and aside, as if he were pondering and coming to no conclusion.

He rode on down the track, pondering upon all that must have occurred to him.

I went back to Flavia and Sapt, pondering on the strangeness of the man.

"I know I did," Jan owned, and fell to pondering what was best to be done about these memories.

She was only seven, but she grew quite skilful in pondering.

He seemed to be thinking and to be pondering some grave problem.

“I see what you mean—I think,” said Richling, slowly, and with a pondering eye.