Ponders [verb]

Definition of Ponders:

think about seriously

Opposite/Antonyms of Ponders:

Sentence/Example of Ponders:

Let them ponder on the probability of succeeding with the people.

As I eat my breakfast and smoke my pipe, I ponder over my task.

There was so much time for the Little Girl who should have been a Boy to ponder over it.

He's always in a ponder, ponder, with his mouth open—except when he's grindin' his teeth.

But Asad continued to ponder him with cold eyes, his face inscrutable.

Even Cynthia smiled, whereat the Tavern Knight was driven to ponder.

Gordon appeared to ponder over this, and he then laughed softly.

Over all these things now did he ponder during this long dreary day.

He had not, however, gone many paces, when he stopped and seemed to ponder.

Both Paul and Oswald had reason to ponder the eventful experiences of that day.