Pontiff [noun]

Definition of Pontiff:

head of catholic church

Synonyms of Pontiff:

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Sentence/Example of Pontiff:

Now, let us compare the rank of the emperor with that of the pontiff.

Forget that he is a sovereign and a pontiff, and think of him as a tender and loving friend.

He obtained the Roman pontiff's license to preach to the pagans in Franconia, in Germany.

The missive, however, never reached the pontiff to whom it was addressed.

Upon the decease of the pontiff, Rome was immediately in arms.

He permits the Roman pontiff and his adherents to think that the pope is the Church.

It was she, and not Belisarius, who interrogated the pontiff.

Vex not yourself, holy Raimond, I will answer it to the Pontiff.

"This to Avignon," said he to himself, as he concluded an epistle to the Pontiff.

When I forget that to be delegate to the Pontiff is to be the guardian of his flock, forsake me.