Pontoon [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pontoon:

The bridge swayed, then caved in, where the pontoon had been struck and was sinking.

Beyond the burning town was the river, crossed now by six pontoon bridges.

I am pleased with you; but look—there comes a lady on our pontoon.

The horses were attached to the pontoon wagon, ready for a start.

The pontoon wagon was brought up, and unloaded by the side of the river.

Scotty climbed out on the pontoon and caught the rope thrown by a seaman.

He flung the door open and dove far enough to clear the pontoon.

A pontoon bridge, dotted with figures in khaki, crossed a deep pool.

Some lumber from a pontoon bridge was made into the unusual luxury of a floor.

Anticipating these crossings, we had in our train a pontoon bridge.