Poop [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Poop:

Sir Oliver and Sir Nigel stood erect with hands crossed in front of the poop.

Her sides had just been painted; and the oil-jars and paint buckets were lying on the poop.

He could not have been hurt, however, to get down from the poop to the main-deck in the time.'

The crowd on the poop held their breath at the daring maneuver.

After supper he went on to the poop once more, and I with him.

She dipped her flag to them, and from her poop a gun fired a salute.

"Mistress," he addressed Rosamund as he stepped upon the poop.

Sakr-el-Bahr replaced the cross-bow in the rack, and came slowly up to the poop.

One of these had been broached against its being needed by the gunners on the poop.

And he waved an inviting hand towards the gangway leading to the poop.