Poorest [adjective]

Definition of Poorest:

lacking sufficient money

Opposite/Antonyms of Poorest:

Sentence/Example of Poorest:

After that, Midas lived in the country and dressed as plainly as the poorest peasant.

But even in that little hole his family was the poorest there.

The people were the poorest and most barbarous which he had met.

She was in rags, barefoot, like the poorest nomad of them all.

Their doors were constantly open to the poorest and the most ignorant.

But he could not have been the one to pay as he is the poorest of us all.

Why seat him in the poorest pew because his clothes are old?

Regrets, unavailing regrets, are the poorest companions possible.

I may be the poorest M.D. that ever put up a sign, but I'm going to put that sign up just the same.

If they could have spoken the poorest commonplaces, the spell might have dissolved.