Pop [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pop:

Vaguely, from the corner of his eye, he felt that Pop had taken the pipe from his mouth.

Pop was putting away the dishes, and Jud was scrubbing out the sink.

He mastered it, and galloped with a heavy heart up the ravine and to the house of Pop.

She was a stanch five-year-old, and she had roamed the mountains about Pop's place at will.

And if I might make so bold, you just pop on your hat and step acrost directly minute.

The danger signal must pop right into our heads from force of habit.

That's why he's so pop'lar amongst the Shakespeare Readin' Society and the rest.

I certainly has no thought of rubbin' wrong-ways the pop'lar bristles.

Explain how gasoline makes a motorcycle go, and why it goes "pop, pop, pop."

But now a waiter was upon them with a bottle which he produced with a pop!