Popery [noun]

Definition of Popery:

religion of catholic church

Synonyms of Popery:

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Sentence/Example of Popery:

And chalk "No Popery" on your door to-morrow night, and for a week to come—that's all.'

"The religion that's going among the Primitives these days is just Popery," said Csar.

"Popery, sir, clane Popery," he whispered across Grannie to Philip.

Popery is the vampire that is sucking the life-blood of the country.

We know what happens in every country where Popery gets the mastery.

We hear nothing in England but the old songs about popery, and superstition, and all that.

The arts owe much to Popery, and Popery owes much of its universality to the arts.

While Daniel beheld the little horn, (popery) he said, among other things, he would think to change times and laws.

These ordinances were practically a signal for the death of popery.

The business was stated to be the suppression of Popery and the healing of the jars of the Church.