Popish [noun]

Definition of Popish:

head of catholic church

Synonyms of Popish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Popish:


Sentence/Example of Popish:

Are we to be under orders to pull down one of them Popish chapels—or what?'

His advocacy of the Popish question was one of his romances.

It is unnecessary to go minutely into the details of the Popish Plot.

People grumbled that ‘Popish darts were whet afresh on a Dutch grindstone.’

There is too much Popish superstition and worship of idols about him for my taste.

Until after I spoke to her, she had no notion that there might be any sort of Popish treachery.

But whence did the pedants get the Popish nonsense with which they have corrupted youth?

Every effort has been made to induce the Queen to accept a Popish husband.

I nearly forgot, and indeed it is in nowise necessary, being but a Popish formula.

He told Peter that he was a Popish rebel and would be hanged.