Popliteal [noun]

Definition of Popliteal:

body part

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Sentence/Example of Popliteal:

At the back of the knee the popliteal artery can be felt beating.

The popliteal area is a depression on the posterior surface of the distal part of the femur immediately proximal to the condyles.

The aneurism was cured by ligation of the vein above and below the communication and proximal ligature of the popliteal artery.

The same remarks in a lesser degree apply to the popliteal vessels.

In the case of femoral and popliteal aneurisms the method of Antyllus is often unsuitable.

I saw at least three or four in which the bullet, in addition to traversing the knee-joint, injured the popliteal vessels.

Flap of bone raised at the aperture of exit in the popliteal surface of the shaft.

A double superficial femoral, both branches of which may unite and form the popliteal, as in Sir Charles Bell's well-known case.

Absence of the artery altogether, as in Manec's case, where the popliteal was a continuation of an immensely enlarged sciatic.

The epiphysis at the lower end of the femur may be displaced into the ham and press on the popliteal vessels.