Popularized [verb]

Definition of Popularized:

make widely popular, accessible

Synonyms of Popularized:

Opposite/Antonyms of Popularized:

Sentence/Example of Popularized:

The subject is one which can be popularized to suit even such an audience.

Fortunately for the lover of nature no English writer has as yet popularized the Vosges.

The new ideas were popularized for all strata of the people to imbibe.

It would be a good thing for France if this idea could be popularized.

Rousseau, in his treatise on the subject, popularized Saint-Pierre.

The story of Cain and Abel would be popularized in the “mysteries.”

We have popularized him by publishing his best works at reduced prices.

He was also a poet, like Abélard, and popularized his speculations on the Trinity.

He popularized the noble ideas of the masters, vulgarized and debased their dreams.

It popularized the conception that the brain is the organ of mind.